Clean desks or personalized desks?

As office owners, you will often go through the constant struggle between offering your employees a personalised workspace and putting a rule of a strict clean desk policy. Both of these have their own benefits and this is probably why it gets difficult to pick a suitable option. While clean desks keep employees less distracted, personalized desks facilitate a more comfortable work environment for the employees. Here’s more about the two and understanding what will be suitable for your employees.

1. Humanization and personalization of the workspace – Employees who use the same desk over a period of time tend to add small elements of personalization, which mark the table as theirs and help them connect more deeply with their workspace. This humanization of the workstation is ideal for employees who work in high-stress environments and may want some extent of comfort when they feel mentally stressed.

2. Fewer distractions improve productivity – Some office spaces work with the idea of providing employees with as few distractions as possible to increase focus. This works well when the job requires precision and accuracy. Environments, where any distraction can be harmful or have a huge impact on the business, avoid personalization of the desks.

3. Ability to work from any workstation – Some offices use hot-desking to provide employees with new environments to work in. Some days, an employee may prefer a corner where they can focus on a project, on other days, the same employee may prefer a place where they can connect with more employees. This policy is good for offices where employees have portable computers, which is laptops or tablets to work on and the employees are self-driven to complete projects. Offices like those at Google use such kinds of seating policies and are known to drive productivity.